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About Us


The Journey

With the untamed mystery of the African bush and the beauty of Cape Town as a backdrop, Swift Leather International was founded by Graham Bougardt and Maria Swift in 2012. Merging their collective talents to create and grow a unique brand, today they reflect modern luxury and inspirational design taste.

The Swift Leather Family

With twenty years of experience in all aspects the Ostrich business, no company in the world can compete with our quality or pricing. We employ craftsmen who never compromise on excellence and our commitment to the highest environmental standards are unwavering. Little known is the fact that the Western Cape produces 95% of the world’s Ostrich Leather, so we literally own the resource. With bespoke design and production we cater to both individual buyers and private label manufacturers





Our skins are obtained legally, and no animal has been hunted for its skin alone. We do not condone or knowingly participate in the commercialization of wildlife products where prohibited by law. We are partners in culling in order to protect herd lands from the devastating effects of overpopulation. We work with responsible operators who specifically use the proceeds of culling to develop waterholes and other infrastructure, in order to ensure the survival and growth of African herds. Culling is therefore an essential conservation action - it helps to continue the normal cycle of life.